2 Minutes Zayn Malik Haircuts for Summer Hairstyle Inspirations

Before Zayn Malik Hairstyle Haircut

Due to the fact that we’ve got George here straight out of the Blumaan online community, today’s an exclusive one. George has been a part of the Facebook group for we believe a couple of years now, he’s clearly got a great head of hair therefore ordered him a train ticket coming from London to Manchester.

Zayn Malik Haircut by David Rozman

We are able to give you guys that dose of hairstyling inspiration, surely, brought to you by David Rozman.

We’re in the heart of summer season a season that I individually think Messier hairdos are considerably suitable just like Zane. We’re removing the sides and back bringing it in nice as well as tight whenever he selects to rock his iconic quiff.

Summer Hairstyle Cutting

David is currently blow-drying the hair to take a look at what we’re working with, it’s a little bit too heavy to possess that simple and easy glimpse.

We’re chopping off some lengths and doing a little bit of thinning. The fringe area is being removed to about four inches.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle Final Touch

George has thick hair, so cavalier clay is obviously the product to head to for his hair type. Appearing fantastic and very Zayn Malik esque.

Zayn Malik Haircuts Final Result

Look how amazing the final result after haircutting by David Rozman and applying the Blumaan Cavalier Clay.

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Zayn Malik Hairdo Tutorial Video

For more details you can watch this Zayn Malik Signature Hair Tutorial youtube video:

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