Charizma Latest Winter Collection 2014-13 Vol-2

Charizma Latest Winter Collection 2014-13 Vol-2

Charizma Latest Winter Collection 2014 13 Vol 2 Charizma Latest Winter Collection 2014 13 Vol 2Charizma last winter Collection 2014-13 flight – 2.So, if you plan to start with your winter wardrobe, check out this collection of more… Creative activities of Riaz is a wholesaler of tissue founded 30 years before. Riaz creative activities offers a wide variety of fabrics for winter.For the winter, it has pashmina, brosha and peach cowhide pattern by Charizma. Its fabrics can be used to make dresses elegant forcasual wear and even party wear because they are embroidered and look rather fancy.The fabrics are designed taking, in outlook, the obligations of all types of women in Pakistan. more recent winter casual dresses collection 2013-14 for women and want to buy it, just send the emblem. Do you like these girls.these Charizma winter elegant Volume2 dresses 2013-2014 for the dresses are really nice to look at.

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One thought on “Charizma Latest Winter Collection 2014-13 Vol-2

  1. i just bought Riaz arts charizma winter collection 2013-2014 in their 1st volume cover page dress (skin, balck with pink and green dopata). they are just snatching the money from the customers. their clothes are not worth of the price of even Rs. 1000. as the colours of the clothes are faded away in just one wash. and when u go to the leading brand names who are selling their clothes they straightly say no to the buyer and says that the company do not accept the responsibility of anything. clothes are not in warranty. we are not responsible. can not do anything for you…and if we return these clothes to the comapny they will not return you defected suit back to you… so please we can not do any thing except mercy on you.
    can Riaz arts company please reply for such queries if their outlet/ shopkeepers are not taking responsibility?

    i am waiting for the reply.

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