Beautiful Photoshoot Of Pakistani Model Actress Maya Ali

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Beautiful Photoshoot 2013 14 Of Pakistani Cute Model Actress Maya Ali 6 Beautiful Photoshoot Of Pakistani Model Actress Maya AliModel Pakistani, actress and VJ Maya Ali born (27 July 1989) and is well known as Maryam Tanveer Ali. Maya Ali acted as a VJ on many Pakistani TV channels. Maya famous work includes the lead role in the drama Geo TV Aik nje Cinderella. Maya Ali came out as a VJ at SAMAA TV, Waqt News and news of Dunya. Later, she became a model. Maya Ali began her acting career with Durr-e-Jake on TV Hum.
Maya has since worked on Aik nje Cinderella with Butt Khalid Osman and Faizan Khawaja on Geo TV. In Cinderella nje Aik his character Meggie (a leading role) got a real appreciation of the many Pakistani regular spectators. Today we share a few photos from the photo shoot of VJ Maya Ali. She looks beautiful in this photos. Now let, s see the image of the pretty actress Maya Ali beautiful Photo shoot 2013

pixel Beautiful Photoshoot Of Pakistani Model Actress Maya Ali

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